Have you experienced graphic recording in your events and meetings? 

If so, you know that it can brighten the mood in the room and help participants feel more excited, more engaged, and more “heard”—there’s nothing like seeing your own words on the wall to make you feel validated! And getting the digital images after the meeting can provide a refresher on the high points and the learning—and a big help later to remember why the event mattered in the first place.

People love images and color—but it’s so much more than that! The key to truly useful graphic recording is the listening. Your meeting isn’t primarily about entertainment—it’s about meaning, and learning, and generating commitment, and the meeting murals should serve those goals too. If they don’t, huge value could be left on the table.

My view is that I’m taking notes for EVERYONE, generating value for both listeners and leaders, and my goal is to capture all the high points, the big ideas, the key questions and issues, and gather them all into one place so that people can get a grasp of the whole of it.

The mural allows them to commit information to long-term memory, and it’s a tool they can use later to explain and build on the experience. (Did you know it only takes about 3 minutes to review the digital image and recall all the great content that had slipped from your mind?) 

So the momentary “Wow!” participants get during the meeting is actually just part of the whole graphic recording package. When you use the charts afterward, you multiply the value dramatically. There are many ways to use the charts later to engage participants and others and to reinforce your message.

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