Scribe Videos

Whiteboard or Scribe Videos

Whiteboard or Scribe Videos are popular, fun, and effective at communicating information and ideas.  Everyone loves the amazing work done at RSA Animate–it’s brilliant.  It’s also highly edited, expensive, and requires a set-up that few videographers can provide.  However, there are alternatives worth considering…

The down-and-dirty on scribe video:

As simple as they look, scribe videos are not easy to create.  Visual Logic has done a number of Live-Capture videos with a graphic recorder and videographer, and we’ve also created many computer-animated videos.  Live whiteboard videos are more realistic, but they’re expensive and hard to get right in one take.  They require precise planning and preparation, and there’s no guarantee of results.  Multiple “takes” are costly and challenging to edit, and we’ve frankly been disappointed in the final product, even after many hours of recording and editing.

Another option is Computer Animation, achieved with special software.  The advantages:

  • Graphic images are digital, and each vignette can be reviewed and edited to your satisfaction.
  • The animated video can be revised and reworked until we get it right.
  • Some video images can be drawn by a “hand” and others can just draw themselves, whichever makes sense.
  • Logos, photos, and other elements can be easily incorporated
  • There’s a large library of free audio tracks available for background music.
  • All we really need to work with is a voice-over, and, if possible, a written script
  • It’s cheaper, far cheaper, than live video.

All this adds up to VALUE — and we’re delighted to be able to make animated scribe video available at a reasonable cost.

Contact us today to discuss your video hopes and needs!

Below is the very first animated video we created as well as a short one created for the Center for Congregations.  They each have only a music track.  The 3rd sample is the 2nd in a series of 6 training videos geared to physicians, it’s complex and has been set to a voiceover provided by the client.  Additional, more complex, examples are available upon request.

To sum it up: Our Scribe Video service gives your organization the power of video at a reasonable rate. Scribe Videos are digitally animated and do not require a videographer.  Very little editing is needed, and there are no unpredictable post-production costs or expensive retakes.

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask.