Martha’s work helps us accelerate the work that we do facilitating and designing the work we do with our clients. She is gifted as a listener, 
… helps the group stay on track
… is someone I enjoy working with
… is easy to work with
… is very collaborative
… blends well with any team

— Marie Miyashiro, Author of The Empathy Factor and Chief Facilitation Officer at Elucity Network, Inc.

For the most part, board members and participants had not experienced a graphic recording event, and Martha’s excellent reputation, her technical skills, and her ability to listen were just a few of the reasons why I hired her… 

“During the two-day conference event, the walls came alive with Martha’s graphic recordings. They were truly remarkable snapshots of key concepts, funny moments, and statements that speakers and others made to help us remind ourselves about the work that we do in helping others.”

— Pattie Porter, President, Texas Association of Mediators

You are so awesome and talented and even more so, a pleasure to work with!

Your work and art are absolutely critical to the success and impact of EOS. You will never know the ripple effect of your skills and commitment!

— Leah Podratz, Director of Organizational Development, Cox Enterprises

That’s amazing! Martha caught everything that was important. How did she know what mattered to us?

— Participant in a Planning Session

I have worked with Martha on several occasions and she has always been a fountain of ideas and encouragement. Martha has an excellent sense of visual iconography and her drawings/visual-recordings inspire workshop participants to action. Martha always pulls her own weight and is a pleasure to work with.

She has been key in organizing several events with International Forum of Visual Practitioners and others through her company Visual Logic. I have seen first hand her ability to capture conversation visually.

I highly recommend Martha for your visual practitioner needs!

— Rob Benn, Visual Practitioner and IFVP Board Member

Martha’s graphic recordings add tremendous value to the success of our workshops, to our work, and to our clients. Participants have been intrigued, fascinated, and inspired by what she captures. Their contributions have been recognized, and the graphic recording has affirmed their wisdom and creativity.

— Jane Howe, Conversations That Count

I have worked with Martha on multiple occasions and have watched her consistently deliver another level of understanding to the “big picture” of graphic facilitation. She has incredible energy and easily keeps up with complicated subjects, distilling them to graphics that all can understand. On more than one occasion, I have used Martha’s graphics to remind me of the high points of a meeting I needed to communicate as follow-ups. Once you see Martha in action, you will want her capturing details at every important meeting!

— Linda Duncan

Martha is the consummate graphic facilitator. She has an uncanny ability to depict in pictures and images exactly what a group is thinking. Her graphic memory of the participant’s work provides a visual image that exceeds that which most of us can only write or say.

— George Smith, Summit Consultants

Martha is an outstanding graphic facilitation artist. I have had the pleasure of participating in several workshops where Martha demonstrated the artistry of capturing the essential elements of the meetings via graphic recordings. Martha’s talent and expertise in this field is innovative, brilliant, and engaging. I was very impressed by the process she used and the results she produced.

— Gloria J. Pursell, Pursell & Associates

A powerful takeaway that allows you to relive the experience. You can take people who were not present over to view the chart, and go back, recapture thoughts, remember, and explain.

— Doug Middleton, Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia