The energy, the activity, the many possibilities of physical presence—all of it can show up on a graphic recording. I’ve been capturing virtual meetings since the pandemic began, and like you probably are, I’m ready to get out of Zoom and back into the room!

You communicate to participants that your meeting really matters when there’s a Graphic Recorder capturing and illustrating their ideas in real-time. And they’ll remember it long afterward whenever they see the graphics—whether full-size, screen-size, or cut into clipart to highlight ongoing communications.

People love the analog touch—it’s not canned, it’s not perfect. It’s live and in the moment, capturing what’s emerging from the participants as well as the presenters.


Special activities and locations are memorialized too—stimulating rich recall as good memories are triggered later.

So, as you plan your future event, think how much simple graphics can enliven a message and how people feel heard when their words show up on the wall. Imagine how walking into the room and seeing a wall covered with rich content and conversation might stimulate deeper interactions and innovative thinking.

Then email me to schedule a call to discuss how we can energize your event. I’ll handle the details and logistics, so it’s super easy to include real-time graphics in your meeting plan.

I look forward to our conversation,


Martha McGinnis, MBA