It’s hard to keep people engaged during online events and virtual meetings—there are so many distractions: emails and messages coming in, phone calls, web-surfing and multi-tasking, not to mention all the family and household stuff when people work from home!

So if you can grab their eyes and hold them, you’re way ahead of the game!

Slides and screen-sharing are great, but what about the unscripted things: discussions, planning, problem-solving

Keep their attention with virtual graphic recording! They’ll get involved in watching the graphic capture, and what they see will reinforce what they’re hearing. Afterward, they’ll get access to the digital files for their review and records. 

The graphic recording is an illustrated executive summary of the conversation—it’s a lot more interesting to look at than a slide deck or minutes, and review is quicker, too. And it’s an especially good way to convey the big picture.

Visual Logic can create that big picture for your virtual meeting—capturing discussions, keynotes, breakouts and other sessions on your participants’ screens—holding their eyes and keeping their attention! 

There are 3 different Virtual Graphic Recording options to choose from:

1. Camera on paper: participants watch as the graphic recorder creates one or more 12×18 graphics on paper—good when there’s a lot of information flowing.

See lots of examples HERE

2. Digital capture: participants see the graphics evolve as they’re drawn on a connected iPad,

3. Camera on wall: everyone gets a view of the whole as the graphic recorder creates murals, (great if you want to receive the 4 ft high X 6-8 ft long paper originals afterward).

Monitor Display of camera focused on Wall and Graphic Recorder

We’ll work together to decide which medium best fits your needs!

And if you need Virtual Facilitation also, Visual Logic will lead your meeting and incorporate graphics into the process.

By Martha McGinnis, MBA, Facilitator and Graphic Recorder

Graphic Recorder Martha McGinnis

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