Have you ever been to a great conference and tried to remember the powerful ideas later? It only takes a few days for my memory to fade–but it’s not inevitable! The good news? Graphic recording doesn’t have to be “live” to help your audience remember.

It was my great privilege to attend a recent conference of the Executive Women of Goizueta (Emory University’s Business School). The theme was Purpose, Passion & Profit: Driving performance with intent. I only had my phone to take notes, but I heard two wonderful keynotes. (The images were created later)  Sangram Vajre, CMO, and co-founder of Terminus (home of Account-Based Marketing), and Kat Cole, COO and President of Focus Brands (Cinnabon, Schlotzky’s, Moe’s and more). 

Vajre shared some of the wisdom he’s gained from his experience as a husband and father creating a wildly successful startup. His advice is to find out what really “moves the needle” in relationship. For instance, he discovered that his wife cherished his habit of bringing flowers at random occasions. Some things like picking up the kids and fabulous vacations were just table stakes.

Cole shared how she rocked her first job as a teenager and developed the approach to work and people that has shaped her successful career and winning leadership style. She listens deeply and pays close attention to the people closest to the work and the customer:

Kat Cole on Leadership, Culture & Purpose

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