Design Sprint Facilitation

If you need an innovative solution for a product, process or service challenge, Google’s Design Sprint methodology may be the perfect way to generate, prototype and test it rapidly and efficiently

Visual Logic facilitators will guide you and your team through the Design Sprint process from start to finish.

Eliminate the weeks or months you’d usually spend developing and testing solutions—get the answers you need in a few days, so you can implement the right solution, fast.

Each Sprint is a tight sequence of activities that produces great ideas and new insights!

How It Works

Visual Logic will help you to identify and clarify your meeting objectives and who needs to be in the room. We’ll collaborate with you to provide the space, the equipment, and the supplies to support the Design Sprint process. Then we’ll facilitate and guide your Sprint team through an intense and exciting 5 days of tightly-structured activities to generate and test the innovative product, process or service you need.

Your source for Design Sprints in Atlanta, the Southeast and Nationwide: