The Lou Walker Senior Center has a big message to get across—their journey toward accreditation as a Center of Excellence is almost complete and their efforts have led to much more than a plaque they can hang on the wall.

To share their story, I captured their words—a lot of words:

  • Their vision and mission
  • their slogan
  • their values 
  • their motivation 
  • their efforts
  • and many many thoughts and reflections gathered from members and stakeholders.

All those words made a long list—and it would take far more than words to capture LWSC’s incredible commitment, spirit and determination to reach their goal. Even when we break the words out of a list, it’s lifeless, especially in black and white.:

Adding some color helps.

You’ll see that ideas of the same color begin to pull together and patterns start to emerge. And color adds a bit of interest, relieving the boredom. It’s a step in the right direction, but there’s no story here yet, no magic, and little that draws the reader in:

How to bring it to life? 

It’s time to add image.

We considered illustrating individual ideas and words, but there are so many, it would be incredibly busy, and we might lose the message of the whole. So we settled on a unifying theme, a metaphor that reflects the focus, care and vision that have brought LWSC so far.

Magic happens when we create a garden—all the disparate ideas come together to convey the powerful LWSC spirit, commitment and accomplishment. And now they have something to hang on the wall that really tells their story—an 8 ft mural:

Do you have a story to tell? A message that’s bigger than words alone can convey? 

Maybe your strategy is complex and people aren’t feeling it it. A journey map or a mural could make all the difference. The possibilities are endless!

Contact me today for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and objectives and see what’s possible when you add color and image to the narrative.